University of Edinburgh IAD Case Studies – Sharing practice

We are keen to identify and share practice across the University.  Schools and support services have developed a range of highly effective and efficient ways of supporting students to make the most of their University experience.  This simple template has been designed to record and share practice, and to help colleagues consider the relevance and potential for adapting this practice for use elsewhere.

Template for case studies(case studies should be no more than 2 pages; plus any images you can provide)

Title:<meaningful, short descriptive title>

Summary:<Brief summary of what the case study covers.>

What was done:

<Please give a description of the case study including the theme(s)/topics(s) it relates to (please see list overleaf).  It would be helpful if this could include the stage of development (e.g. whether the practice is new or established).>

Links to key themes/topics :

·         <include name of relevant theme/topic(s) here>

·         <include name of relevant theme/topic(s) here>

Motivation and aims:

<A brief outline of the reasons behind the practice described- its purpose and benefits.  What change was it intended to make or problem was it designed to solve?>

Successes and lessons learnt:

<A brief outline of what works well, any particular challenges faced and how these were addressed. If possible please comment on the approach taken to evaluation and understanding the impact and effectiveness of the practice described.  Please also say if you are planning any changes or further developments >

Scalability and transferability:

<is this practice scalable and transferable?  What is the potential for it being expanded and/or run elsewhere in the University? A brief outline of workload commitments in setting up and maintaining the practice would also be useful>

Further information:

<e.g. website or publications, materials used, presentation slides, screen shots, testimonials>

<a couple of quotes from students or staff illustrating the case study would be particularly useful>

Location of practice: <academic School or support service>

Author<of case study>and contact for further information:

<This could be two different people.  Include email contact details.>

Date: <for this version of the case study text>

Academic and Personal Support

Key words: themes& topics:Please tick as many or as few themes as apply from the list below

  • Academic and Personal Support
  • Assessment and Feedback
  • Curriculum Development
  • IAD Secondments
  • Learning Communities
  • Learning Spaces and Resources
  • Online and Distance Learning
  • Supporting Staff

NB this is not intended to be a restrictive list; case studies that range beyond these themes and topics are also most welcome.

Note for authors:

These case studies will be used in two ways:

  • The full case study (in this template format) will be included on an Edinburgh staff only wiki database accessed from the IAD database. This version of the case study will not be made available outside Edinburgh.  We therefore hope that colleagues will be willing to share the good and bad, successful, unsuccessful and lessons for the future.
  • The IAD will produce a summary version of each case study suitable for an external and internal audience. Authors will be asked to approve these public versions of their case studies before they are made available on open websites.These case studies will be available as .pdf downloads and other formats suitable for printing and inclusion in publications, as web pages and for presentations.  These will be available on the public section of the IAD website (and associated wiki) and linked to other key sites (e.g. Senior Tutor Wiki).

NB – case studies are not yet connected to these links
Senior Tutor wiki:
IAD website:

Template adapted from JISC and SHEEC case studies, JT 30/4/13; updated 9/5/13, 11/6/13, 25/6/13

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