English Language

It is all about thinking and speaking

We can take pride in being a country with large English speaking population. However, only a small fraction of the Indian populace today are really well versed with English language.

How many Indian's can think English?

Most of us think in their respective mother tongue and translate in English. So unless we are not able to think in English, how can we speak, write, read, comprehend English language in the right way. 

Why English?

One cannot deny that English has become the de facto language of global commerce. The fact that India today is a major global player in the IT and knowledge based industry, is largely attributed our multiple language policy. As a widely spoken global language, now we cannot make do with English. To be in the race, we have to get into position where our working populace know how to communicate effectively in English language at global level. 
Majority of our brilliant students and thorough professionals fail to crack interviews, technical meeting or sales calls, because they are not able to think in English. 

Under QICPL English language programme students/professionals develop:

  • Ability to think in English.
  • Speak grammatically.
  • Better vocabulary.
  • Converse fluently and comfortably.
  • Learn some different types of figures of speech.