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Props for Legal eagles

It has become must for law professionals or anyone working within the legal ambit, to get familiar with the legal frameworks envisaged under various acts and stay abreast of legal developments. Legal eagles must continually up-skill in order to succeed, prosper and convey legally.

There are various legislations that regulate work environment, employment, welfares of the industries and businesses; they denote rules that go to make industrial and corporate jurisprudence.

With our trainings:

  • Enhance understanding of law and legal practices.
  • Thoroughly acclimitize with various industrial, corporate and labour laws.
  • Know the intricacies involved and practical significances.
  • Be aware of the statutory obligations under various acts.
  • Recognize and manage risks effectively in business.
  • Know how laws impact decision making.

Legal trainings we offer:

  • Industrial Disputes Act 1947
  • Maharashtra Recognition of Trade Union Act 1971
  • Misconducts in Labour Laws
  • Labour Laws applicable for IT Industries
  • Labour Laws applicable for Hospitals
  • Labour Laws Labour Laws applicable for Hotels
  • What Managers should know about Law in General
  • Understanding Trade Unionism & How to handle Trade Unions
  • Departmental Enquiry for Misconducts
  • Conduction of Departmental Enquiry
  • Management of Departmental Enquiry
  • Understanding Principles of Natural Justice
  • POSH –┬áPrevention Of Sexual Harassment
  • Industrial employment (standing orders) Act 1946
  • The contract labour (Regulation and abolition Act 1970)
  • The Payment of Gratuity Act 1972
  • The mix baggage of labour laws