Reviewing 2018!! The Year That Passed By!!

Dear Sir/Madam,

Season’s Greetings and Many Wishes for the upcoming new year 2019.

As the year ends, I always like to communicate regarding our achievements in the previous year. It is the right time to thank you for your personal, professional and social support to me, my team and my family. When I count on the year that passed by, I am humbled with a deep sense of gratitude for the way most of my personal, professional and family endeavors have taken off.

I will start with the personal front:

On personal front, this year has been extremely enriching in terms of finding a new statement for myself, which goes:

“Born with a divine discontent to challenge the conventional wisdom and disrupt the existing norms for bringing innovation.”

Health wise, I decided to challenge myself to a new fitness level. I went on a trek to Chandrahar Pass near McLeodganj in Himachal Pradesh. I did a Himalayan Trek almost after 21 years!! The first leg of the trek, McLeodganj to Triund, was a little difficult due to such a big gap. However, it was a fabulous feeling to re-visit an old passion after more than two decades. And what a spectacular journey was that!!!

On my way back, I came to know from H.H. Dalai Lama’s office about the public discourse he was to hold on the same day. What a pleasant surprise!! I have been writing to H.H. Office for more than 3 years for his time and here came the opportunity!! To top it the topic was “Emotions and Altruism”! I was lucky enough to have his blessings in a personal audience!! 5 minutes full of radiant smile, high energy and most importantly, happiness. I had an opportunity to gift him a copy of my book which he praised and further blessed me.

Another remarkable occasion was when I was advised to visit the Tibetan Parliament in exile. The tour guide was none other than the Office Assistant of the Speaker of the Parliament.

Last year I promised myself that I will meet 1 childhood/old friend per month. So to meet 12 friends in 12 months was my target. Was happy to re-connect with 22 of my old buddies, friends and classmates. I also promised myself that I will meet one inspiring personality (needn’t be a big celebrity but someone from whom I can draw inspiration). I could meet 14 of them this year including one of my most favourite one, Mr. Arvind Kejariwal, CM of Delhi.

Also I went on to play cricket (a game that is nothing less than religion in India) on field and in uniform after 28 years!! And yes, proud of the fact that our team stood Runner Up in the match, though my contribution was miniscule.

On the professional front, the year has been extremely satisfying and exciting. We at Quantum Trainings Pvt. Ltd., Singapore, completed 5 training programs with the help of our partners and team in Singapore. Besides, the company also grabbed a few repeat orders from the existing clients in The Philippines as well as other parts of ASEAN region. Soon we will be present in various countries including Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar. We are searching for the right sales partners and any recommendation will be greatly appreciated. There have been a few coaching assignments as well for senior business leaders on one on one basis where we see a huge potential in the days to come.

The company in India, Quantum Infotrainers and Consultants Pvt Ltd.; has reached a few milestones under his able leadership. The company was awarded with Quality Circle of India Award. The company had delivered most of the IT and a few non IT and behavioral programs with an average feedback of 4.65/5.0 ( 93%) in around 9000+ man-days of training. Some of the interesting and newest tech programs were:

·        Blue coat proxy

·        Scrum Master

·        Machine Language

·        Artificial Intelligence

·        SAP HANA

·        SAP Warranty

·        Palo Alto and Velo Cloud

·        AWS

·        Block chain

·        Big Data and Hadoop

Our group company “Bodhisattva Learning Pvt Ltd.” saw the launch of the flagship program called “Pegasus: Unlocking the hidden potential”. This is a unique outbound experiential learning program where it’s all about self-discovery. The pre training preparation is with psychometric and EQ assessment. The program comprises of 2.5 days outbound learning session followed by 6 one on one coaching sessions which can be availed through the year. Besides, the company has trained multiple companies engaged in Healthcare, Construction, IT, Clinical Research, Automotive, Engineering and other industries in various programs such as :

         Emotional Intelligence

         Negotiation Skills

         Interpersonal Skills

         First Time Managers

         Strategic Thinking using Balanced Score Card

         Presentation Skills

         Feedback Dynamics

         Swedish Cross Culture Sensitivity

         Interviewing Skills

         German Cross Culture Sensitivity

         Belgian Cross Culture Sensitivity

         French Cross Culture Sensitivity

And many more…

There has been significant growth in sales as well.

Once again, many thanks for your support in this lovely, exciting, ever learning and evolving journey. Hope the same in the coming year.

In advance, Wishing You a Very Happy New Year 2019!!


Pratik P. SURANA


Chief Mentor and Founder

Quantum group

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