Ability Increases Power

Whatever role you are playing or whatever field you are into, becoming powerful and influential in that field is of utmost importance. Power is needed to get fame and success.

Question is how to get genuine power? Power is basically the fruit. To get good fruit one needs to nurture the root. Ability and capability are the roots of power. Therefore, it’s mandatory to keep developing ability and capability by learning and training. Mainly, power is categorized into three areas i.e. Physical, Mental and Monetary. In Indian mythology, Durga; Saraswati; and Lakshmi symbolize them.

Though, in modern era, monetary power is considered more important than intellect and physical power. Yet, monetary power can’t be better utilized in absence of physical and mental power.

5 Tips to develop ability

1. Select the field in which you want to increase your influence.

2. Keep learning through education, training, reading etc.

3. Apply your intellect in practicality.

4. Interact with experts in the field.

5. Grow the network of people associated with the related field.


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