A big business house in The Philippines has a software arm . Sometime back they had defined it’s vision,mission,values and policies and left it to the senior team members to cascade it down. The senior members, not very sure of the correct way to align the communication used the broader terms but missed on “How” and WIIFM ( What’s In It for Me ) factor tried training people down the line and expected them to adapt to the new goals and behaviours thus defining the organisation culture . They tried the Rockefeller Habits 2.0 but had many gaps in the implementation side. We at Quantum ,believed that the same can be addressed using a right system where they can develop the business acumen and align the organisation with an end to end performance management chain .Hence we carried out a training program of The Balanced Score Card and found that there were many gaps in the performance management chain . Afterwards, the entire organisation had a clear idea and it helped them establish the right measures. As a result, the organisation is now strategy focussed


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