” All animals are equal. But Some Animals are more equal than others”–

George Orwell in his famous work, Animal Farm

An interesting conversation.

Place: My residence in Pune

Was visited on this weekend by a family from Mumbai , acquaintance who are trying desperately to make into the so called ” Elite Circles” in Mumbai

Husband: We have put our daughter in ******* International School . But not very happy with it.

Me: What happened? I have heard all good about them. Are you not happy with the teachers, management or other admin processes?

Wife: See, it’s such a prestigious school and run by such a big elite management, but the kind of crowd they have…Yukk

Me: I thought they have all the good and highly placed parents’ children.

Husband: We too felt the same and put her there. But then, this idiotic Right To Education came in between.

Me: What happened with that law? How did it come in the way?

Wife: Arre , they put a slum kid next to my daughter. One fourth of the class is that way. Then what’s the use of putting your child in such school where they are treated at par with the elite children? How will the children get right values?

Me: What do you mean? Don’t these kids have good values? How does money bring value?

Husband: But you normally put the kids for getting acquinted with the elites and who’s who so that you too are a part of that circle. What’s the use if these kadka children sitting next to our children? How will we develop our circles with them?

Me: Sir and Madam, I am wondering how come you chose us to be your acquaintance then?

A complete silence falls in the room. Both get up with a contemptuous look to me and my wife saying they must leave for Mumbai before it becomes very dark…

I am still wondering what wrong did I say.

Can you help me figure out the same?




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