IT Skills

Creating a competitive edge

In the rapidly growing and evolving IT and technology enabled environment your IT skills have become most bankable assets for competitive advantage. It has become essential to upgrade your IT skills to stay relevant.

For working professionals wishing to consolidate their skills in the dynamic IT scenario, QIPCL offers various high-end technology training programmes. These cutting-edge training programmes across IT platforms are designed to leverage professionals with knowledge to upgrade their skills. We also have introductory programmes contrived to address the training needs of young students, housewives or anyone who wish to upgrade their IT skills.

Explore our IT skill training options covering:
  • Programing languages
  • Advance programing
  • Database
  • Data warehousing and BI tools
  • Scripting tools
  • Middle ware
  • Embedded technologies
  • Testing tools
  • Microsoft products
  • Networking (Application and server administration) & OS
  • IBM technologies
  • Application servers
  • Telecom
  • Software engineering Applications
  • SAP

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