Sales Potential Report  


Detailed assessment of the person’s sales personality and analysis of the person’s fitment to do sales successfully.

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Basic Purpose/usage:  Detailed report- various uses

Target Job Role :  Sales role

Competencies:  Accountability, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Market Awareness, Planning and Organizing, Networking Skills, Customer Delight, Negotiation and Persuasion, Understanding of Customer’s Needs, Coaching and Mentoring, Developing People, Delegation, Collaboration Skills, Empathy, Influencing Skills, Communication Skills, Adaptability, Stress Resilience, Achievement Orientation, Self-Confidence, Persistence,

Sections: Recommendation,Strengths, Areas of Concern, Watch out for, Sales Personality Type, Competency Analysis, Competency Summary

Logic remarks: Strengths- Top 3 competencies
AOC- Bottom 3 competencies
Sales Personality Type- Taken from Advanced, Proficient, and Intermediate ranges