Hi Everyone,
I am sure everybody has made a few New Year Resolutions . This is the time of year where we all begin to feel compelled to make New Year’s Resolutions, thought I will share 10 things likeable people do constantly.

As I read them, it occurred to me that these are qualities, not only in likable people but attributes found in great leaders as well. Perhaps you can draw a resolution or two from the following:

1. Listen without interrupting.

Become a great listener. That means no butting in, no rushing along, no asking questions until the speaker is done. Listen not to frame your own rebuttal but rather to genuinely understand. First seek to understand…

2. Smile without smirking.

Smiling and warmth make others around you feel good. It seems simplistic, but smiling is a lost skill of sorts. Master it and you’ll stand out. Take some time…LOOK at yourself…literally in the mirror…practice “the smile”

3. Speak without dictating.

Speak and share your thoughts and ideas, but treat such conversations as a two-way street. Your voice and your wisdom have value, but set them forth in a way that respects the voice and wisdom of others in true dialogue. VALUE the person with whom you are speaking.

4. Give without receiving.

As the adage says, we make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give. Don’t keep score; give with a genuine heart, because it makes you happy…servant leadership.

5. Enjoy without complaining.

Enjoy and be grateful for all that you have. It is gratitude that gives us the best reasons not to complain. A mindset of gratitude versus the greed of want pays dividends for the entire organization.

6. Trust without wavering.

Trust, someone once said, is like an eraser–it gets smaller and smaller every time you have to use it. When we can offer others our sincere word and they know they can trust us, that’s no small thing. Consistently doing what you’ve said you would do, and not doing what you’ve said you won’t do, earns you a huge amount of trust.

7. Promise without forgetting.

People with good intentions make promises; people with great character keep them. Keeping promises should be your highest priority–because when you give your word, there is no room to forget. Keep your promises.

8. Forgive without punishing.

I believe there are two kinds of forgiveness: the kind that also gives the other person a chance, and the kind that forgives but still compels you to move on without that person. Either should be used wisely, and neither should be about punishment. The healthy way to forgive is whatever works best for you without punishing the other person.

9. Be honest without deceiving.

The people we like the best are those who are honest, who follow their convictions and speak their truth. We like people who act on their beliefs. They may not always win, but you know what they stand for.

10. Be positive without reservation.

Negative, angry people drag down everyone around them. Work on maintaining a positive attitude at work and in life. Make an effort to look for opportunities and solutions instead of barriers and problems. Whatever the situation, focus on what can be done.

So my friends, are there any that resonate with you? Care to add to the list?


Pratik P. SURANA


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