Dear Friends,

Season’s Greetings to you for this festive times.I can’t believe that 2014 is coming to an end so fast and can’t wait to get ahead in 2015.While I continue to meet people, keep traveling and try to explore the synergies world wide,

The year started with a few training programs and I was fitting myself in the new role of “Chief Mentor and Founder” from the role of CEO and Director which I have held all these years. I was blessed with a lot of training contracts both for me personally and for Quantum. The year has been full of EQ trainings and consulting offers for me.Whilst I have been delivering sessions on EQ using EQ i 2.0 framework, Work Life Balance, Leadership, Negotiation Skills, Cross Culture Sensitivity and Balanced Score Card, we got a big contract from one of the IT companies to conduct 360 Degrees Feedback and EQ assessments . In this year, I conducted closed to 180 Days of training with more than 2500 attendees through the year. You may want to have a look at my Linked In profile :

Apart from this, I was invited as guest speaker for various events and seminars arranged by various prestigious Business Schools in India and overseas. I tried capturing them in my camera to the best possible way. You may have a look at the same at :

From the Global Business perspectives, have incorporated a company in Singapore in April 2014 and continue to shuttle between India and Singapore by the name Quantum Trainings Pte Ltd.. You may want to check our company details at . Recently delivered my session at TUP ( The Technological University of The Philippines) in Manila. Apart from this, I have also finalized a few partners and associates in Singapore and The Philippines.
Meanwhile, life @ Quantum has been great. We had an expanded and new team . Under the leadership of our VP, Abhijeet, the company saw a good growth both in terms of revenue as well as
On personal front, I am happy to tell you that my daughter Krisha has been making good progress in her Indian Classical Music learning. She was selected by her school for an inter school competition where she stood 2nd. My son Meghav has started his tennis classes when he turned 7 this year. My wife Anshima has been managing the operations of our company very well and has freed me more or less from the home front so that I can move to Singapore, The Philippines and Malaysia. My parents are planning to move to my place in Pune from our home town.

I have been struggling on the fitness front but on my shape. Started with exercising to shed some extra kilos, however, still struggling to make it there. And like most of us do, I have externalized the problem and blamed it on my frequent travel. However, the good thing is, I have increased my stamina by swimming continuously for 20 laps across 50 meter pool.

I really look forward for hearing from you about the year passed by and look forward to hear how best we can synergize . My best festive wishes to the family




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