Cross Culture Sensitivity

Overcoming Cultural Barriers

Within global business world and its multicultural workplaces, the biggest challenge that professionals face today is how to deal with cross cultural sensitivities and work effectively while facing multicultural colleagues, clients or customers.

It has become imperative for 21st century professional to familiarize and equip oneself with business protocol, decision making process and core values of another culture. Be able to read into cultural sensitivities and appropriately communicate and collaborate within cross cultural workplace.

  • Tailored to specific needs of the expatriate and the host country.
  • Equips learner with appropriate skills, while understanding his/her own cultural biases and behavioral traits.
  • Learners get complete insight into cross cultural value systems, habits and other subtleties.
  • Understanding the need for cross cultural sensitivity.
  • Understanding the concepts of identity and roles while understanding diversity within other cultures and customs.
  • Read into other culture‚Äôs prejudices, preconceived notions and issues of discrimination.
  • Examining own culture and issues of discrimination, in context with other cultures.
  • Identify differences within workplace environment with reference to language, customs, communication, etiquette etc.
  • Behavioural adaptations to different cultural contexts.
  • How to manage successful cross-cultural business interactions.

USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, China, Japan, Korea, Russia and countries from Scandanavia, Middle East, Latin America, Africa and SAARC nations.